Application - Drasca

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Application - Drasca

Post by Drasca »

Character Name: Drasca
Level: 110
Class: Shadow Knight
Your Time Zone: PST, but im always up late around the time you guys raid so this works out great.
Magelo Link: Don't have one. But I am in the T3 TBL or better. But skill listening to the raid leader is better than Gear =P
AA Count: 37,000+

Please tell us your previous guild(s) including on other servers: Got back to the game several months ago and been mainly doing group stuff. I want to raid now. Your my first choice!

Why did you leave your previous guild(s)? I want to be a Raider!

How did you hear about Wreckers? General Chat, raiding late nights.

Why do you want to join Wreckers? To take down hard foes and have some fun and meet new challenges!

Tell us about yourself as a player: I'm a dedicated player. I know my class inside and out. I do my own testing. I'm a DPS knight. Love to DPS, love to tank. I'm aggressive in playing style. I know how to rotate my discs. I rather die than let a healer or DPS take dmg from any adds. I'm always AE Aggroing. I know my class but im always willing to learn from others. How does one grow if he thinks he knows everything? =P Oh, I also can listen to the Raid Leader and follow instructions. I know how to use GINA and set-up audio triggers and I would never miss an emote. I do my research and always read the raid instructions before the raid starts!

Im fun and cheeful. Easy going and love smashing mobs! Hopefully raid mobs soon!

I also can Box a Shaman or two or three! lol. Shaman AE healing is powerful if you think about it. I also have other DPS classes that i can box as well to help the raid win. Whatever the Raid needs to win! But my main is the Shadow Knight. I don't mind sitting the tank out if there are enough GOOD tanks as long as I am switched out so my SK gets the raid coins on win.

This is why you should choose me to join. Im a good raider who listens. But also is willing to play the right classes in order for the raid to win! Hip hip hooray for Team Player!

Are you looking to join as a Raider or just grouping with friends (please see Raiders Class openings elsewhere)?:


The Shadow Knight who Mounts the World of Norrath!

Thank you!
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Re: Application - Drasca

Post by Quiverr »

Drasca wrote: I rather die than let a healer or DPS take dmg from any adds.
Hi Drasca, welcome to the forums, is that quote like you would rather die than see the squishy ones getting hit (in which case are you sure you're an SK) or you mean you take one for the team?

Anyways if the tanks are dropping it's only a matter of time before the squishy ones do (or gate :P)

You'll probably need to have a chat in game with Fnyanna and other officers at moment to work out what path we'll take since we are very full in regards to tanking raid spots.
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Re: Application - Drasca

Post by Redeemabelle »

Drasca wrote:
The Shadow Knight who Mounts the World of Norrath!
TOO SOON!!!!!! :orclol:
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Post by Drasca »

Thanks Quiverr!

This is true...I actually was a Paladin at first for several years. But then tried the SK and never looked back. You can say im an Evil Shadow Knight with a tiny heart of a Paladin hehehehe.

Sounds good. Will try to make contact with Fynanna. Maybe a deal can be struck if i can Box 2-3 Shamans or wizards or whatever he needs that would benefit the Guild/Raid as a whole and I can use the DKP/Raid Coins i earn for my Shadow Knight. Might work out, worth a try to see.


Hehehe! Redeemabelle! =)
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