2014 Raid Schedule and Current Targets.

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2014 Raid Schedule and Current Targets.

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Wreckers currently raid Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday from 7.30pm - 10.30pm(ish) Australian Eastern Standard Time.

We encourage you to be online and LFG by 7.15pm for a prompt start.

Current Raid targets (updated 3rd Sept 2014):

Working on;


Bixie Warfront 1: Saving Jacyll



Dead Hills 2 - The Legacy of Bayle
West Karana 2- The Defense of Lendiniara
Dead Hills 1- Xulous Prime
West Karana 1 - The Doomescale Horde

RoF T2:

A Matter of Life and Death
A feast for Zallikor
Grelleth, her majesty the Queen
Heart of the Oak
Velishan's Revenge.
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