Early Friday America, Afternoon Friday Aussie PS raid

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Early Friday America, Afternoon Friday Aussie PS raid

Post by Narzak »

I will be running a Clankwrench raid to unlock Pure Power Sources for mains/alts. Let me know on here or send Narzak or Pleasurez an in game mail and let me know if you need on any.

I will do it around 1am CST and 6pm Melbourne time. If you cannot make it and would like me to move it around, I need to know what time would be better.

If you would like to join me, that is fine. Just know that I cannot heal everybody(I have to shadow box 4 toons as my other computer is down atm) and you may die a few times.
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Post by Koutarou »

Have a 95 alt magician I'm moving over from Tunare that needs this. I'll probably be 30 minutes late logging in, but I will log the character out next to the instance NPC if I can.
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additional help

Post by Zamunda »

hey Narz,

I should be around that day if you need any help can have zam also i think 1 of my other toons could use it like my ranger :P .. so let me know i have friday off so just need a time..

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Post by Inthul »

Me and my bard will be there. Thanks for setting this up.
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