*** Bidding and DKP***

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*** Bidding and DKP***

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Wreckers use a standard DKP system to award loot.
For every hour of raiding 1 DKP is assigned, there is also 1 DKP assigned as an ontime bonus and 1 DKP at the end of the raid.

In addition, Bonus DKP will be awarded for first wins and great attempts at new targets, this is at the raid leaders' discretion.

Wreckers assigns loot using a standard DKP system, with a twist. For information on how DKP is awarded please visit THIS THREAD (this information is only available to Members or assigned Raid Partners).

Upon the successful killing of a Raid target all persons on the Raid are invited to bid on items using their banked DKP.

Bidding On Items:

The talented programming types in Wreckers have designed and implemented an automated system to handle our bidding. This is done using a specially designed log parser. The name of the "bot" will vary depending on the item they are handling but each work in the same way. Commands are below;

/tell name bid (i.e /tell Saburo 50). The bid should be the HIGHEST amount you are willing to spend on that item. Please note if you are the highest bidder you will WIN the item for the 2nd highest bid +1 (i.e. someone else bids 20 and you bid 50, you will win for 21).

/tell name 0 (i.e. /tell Saburo 0). This will cancel your current bid and remove you from the process.

/tell name balance (i.e. /tell Saburo balance). This will return your current DKP balance and attendance.

/tell name report (i.e. /tell Saburo report). This will return a report of who bid what amounts on the item last run.

It is also worth noting that you are not limited to a single bid. You may bid initially and if you decide to bid higher, provided there is still time remaining, you may bid as many times as you like. The final amount bid will be the one taken by the bot.