Raiding with Wreckers

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Raiding with Wreckers

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This post details the minimum knowledge / preparation required for raiding with Wreckers. If you have any questions about any of this please feel free to contact a Wreckers officer.

In order to participate in guild raids you MUST be MAX LEVEL for the current expansion and at least GROUP GEARED from the previous expansion - anyone serious about raiding needing some start up gear should pay attention to guild chat as members often call out surplus items when available.


The following channels are used on a raid. Please contact someone from within your class to be given any specific channels.

/join wreckers - This channel is a general forum. Members, prospective members, friends etc are always welcome.
/join wreckheal - This channel is for discussions relating to healing.
/join wreckch - All heal messages should be directed to this channel.
/join wreckmelee - All melee related discussions take place in this channel. MA/SA/RT etc will be designated in here.
/join wreckpull - This channel is specifically related to the co-ordination of a pull.
/join wreckerdebuff - This channel is where debuffing is organised/assigned.
/join wreckmezz - This channel is for discussions relating to crowd control. Mezz messages and stun rotations etc are handled in here.
/join wreckranger - Alliance and Auspice rotations (where the cool dudes hang)
Ensure that your UI is set up in such a way that messages to your primary channels are not going to be missed. A missed message can result in a Raid failure, you do NOT want to be that person.

Communicating During Raids

/rsay - All instructions for the raid will occur in this channel. Relevant & valid questions can be directed to this channel. Congratulations on loot, jokes, random chatter or non-urgent queries should not be made here. Buff announcements will be made here also. If you miss out on a buff for any reason, send a /tell to an appropriate class member and ask for it directly. Requests for buffs are not made in /rsay.

General Raid Stuff


If you don't know what your "job" is on a raid, ask someone. People in your group or another member of your class should be able to answer questions.

Wreckers have always prided themselves on being able to take out the "big" mobs with a smaller numbers of skilled players. We have rarely had an abundance of any class and as such each player is extremely valuable for their skills and contribution to a raid. You can help ensure the success of a raid by:

1) Always pay attention to /rsay & any appropriate channels.
2) Follow instructions.
3) If you don't understand something ASK
4) Have all maps loaded.
5) If you have an idea for how an encounter could be improved DO NOT voice the suggestion in the middle of the encounter. Most strategies are decided on these boards, and ahead of time. If you have input for the encounter place it in the appropriate forum.
6) RESEARCH! Learn the encounters before you get to them. There is a lot of information on these boards, as well as all over the net. Inform yourself. Know your job, your class, your abilities *and* your computer. Do not be afraid to say you don't know how to do something.

In closing, all members who choose to Raid with Wreckers are expected to;

a) Play their class to the best of their abilities. If you need assistance with this please speak to other members of your class.
b) Actively participate in a raid. Members who are found to be performing below other members of their class without a valid reason may possibly be denied future opportunities to Raid.
c) Attend raids on their designated Main character ONLY, unless prior permission has been granted by the Officer core.

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