Wreckers and DKP

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Wreckers and DKP

Post by Thoraf »

Following many in-depth discussions, the “DKP taskforce” is proposing the following DKP system for Wreckers. This posting only presents the proposed DKP system. Justification and/or motivation for the decisions will be posted separately. The issue of how current attendance and loot ratios will translate to the DKP system will also be addressed separately.

The fundamentals of a DKP system are that players attending a raid are awarded points, historically referred to as Dragon Kill Points (“DKP”). Players amass DKP over time (their “DKP balance”) and when an item drops that the player desires they are able to “purchase” the item using their DKP as a kind of currency. Purchase of items is competitive with other players, and the player willing to “spend” the most DKP is awarded the item and the DKP is deducted from their balance.

Earning DKP

DKP will be awarded on the basis of 1 DKP per hour of attendance. An additional 1 DKP will be awarded for players who are ready to raid “on time”, and for players remaining “at the end” of the raid. A typical night of raiding will see the following DKP:

* 7:30pm “on time” – First DKP point
* 8:00pm Second DKP point
* 9:00pm Third DKP point
* 10:00pm Fourth DKP point
* 11:00pm Fifth DKP point
* “at the end” Sixth DKP point

Bonus DKP are awarded when the guild is breaking into new content at a rate of 1 DKP for a good attempt, and 3DKP for the first kill. Alts will earn DKP at the same rate as mains.

Players that have been inactive for two months will lose their DKP at a rate of 30 per month. We will also be monitoring the DKP system over time to ensure inflation does not become a problem. If inflation becomes a problem, all DKP balances will be reduced by a flat percentage. Players will be given notice prior to any adjustment being made to provide an opportunity to spend their DKP.
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Post by Thoraf »

UF Weapon Rules

Following extensive discussions it's obvious there are multiple, unwavering positions held on who should be able to bid on weapons in UF. As they are able to be traded in a two for one deal there are some classes/individuals who would like to spend their DKP to do so.

To this end I have decided that as of October 1st 2010, we will proceed as follows.

All classes are able to bid on Underfoot weapons (normal DKP spending rules apply). If however, a 'listed' class (class is listed in the Class flag on item and WILL equip and use it in good faith) bids 20 DKP or over on that item, it shall be 'protected' (no other classes but those classes listed can bid further / win the item) for the listed classes.

Please Note:

Listed classes do not have to 'open' with a 20dkp+ bid in order to protect it. If bidding starts at 5 dkp and in the natural course of bidding a listed class bids 20dkp or higher it will start 'open' and then become 'protected'

In closed bidding if the highest listed class is over 20 then it is the next highest listed class over 20 +1, or 20 DKP.

20 DKP is just over one week's of full attendance raiding.

If you have any questions on this please feel free to chat to me in game, or of course post in one of the ample threads dedicated to this topic.

PS: Part has raised a good point about common weapons for some classes being locked to get cheap trade ins.
For instance let's say pal/sk weapons could easily by locked by an sk with only the intention to trade them in.
I think this should be discouraged and items that are going to be traded in you should compete with anyone else who would trade them in. Though I am unsure of the ramifications/mechanics of enforcing this at this time (this is a placeholder if you will)
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DKP bots

Post by Kofn »

The sorting of loot is done by automated bots (ie. computer software).

There are typically two loot bots, Raluf and Grand, although different characters might be used from time to time.

You interact with them by sending them commands via tells. The commands are as follows:

balance [<name>]
The name is optional. Sending balance by itself will return your DKP point total. Sending balance and a character name will return the DKP point total for that character. Be aware that the point total might not be the most current, e.g. attendance and/or loot won on that night's raid may not be included. An officer can force the bots to recalculate DKP totals if necessary.

e.g. To get your own point total
/tell raluf balance

e.g. To get Thoraf's point total
/tell raluf balance thoraf

report <link>
To list all the bids that were received for the linked item. This only works for items that dropped on that night's raid, and you also need to ask the correct bot (different bots sort different items).

/tell raluf report Palladium Encrusted Crural Clay

Using this command with a key item (e.g. Amulet of Brell or Emblem of Brell) will tell you how many in raid are keyed/unkeyed.

When a bot gets asked to sort some loot you will need to make a bid on the item if you want to win it. To make a bid, simply send the number you wish to bid to the bot, without anything else.

e.g. To bid 50 points
/tell raluf 50

Do NOT send tells like "I want to bid 50 points please" as the bots don't understand them and they will be ignored.

Things to remember:
* You can change your bid as many times as you like until the auction is closed. After that it is too late.
* You can cancel your bid by bidding 0, e.g. /tell raluf 0
* The bot will ALWAYS confirm your bid by sending you a tell back. If you do not get a confirmation tell from the bot then your bid was not received and you will need to send the bid again. Failure to do so means your bid will not be included when determining the winner - you have been warned!

The bots will announce the loot winner and cost in /rsay if they're authorized to do so by officers.

More detailed information on an auction (such as all bids) will be announced into the channel 'wreckloot' immediately after the auction has closed. Sometimes the bots won't announce the winner directly in rsay but will defer that responsibility to an officer. In these situations the bots will clearly say in wreckloot channel that officer intervention is required.

The extra information in wreckloot channel is exactly the same as that given by the 'report' command detailed above, so players only need to join the wreckloot channel if they want to - it's not mandatory.
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Post by curtis »

it was brought to my attention that the rules for spending DKP were omitted from this topic......

Spending DKP

An officer or helper will link an item into raid chat and ask for bids on the item. There will be a period of time between 40 seconds and 2 minutes for receiving bids (time period determined by officers dependent on time restrictions), and bids can be updated during this time, however there will be no indication of current top bid or otherwise. All mains may bid on the item, there are no attendance requirements, however there is a minimum bid of 5 DKP. Mains that do not have 5 DKP may still place a minimum bid on the item, resulting in a negative balance if their bid is successful. This is only allowed if you are not already in the red. Any valid bid by mains will take priority over any bot bid. Once bidding closes, the winner and the DKP cost will be announced. Where two players submit the same bid, the winner will be the player with the highest DKP balance. Otherwise the cost of the item will be equal to one DKP more than the second highest bid for the item.

Items may occasionally be listed as "class preferred", where such an item is determined to provide a significant advantage to the raid force as a whole. For such items, if one of the preferred classes bids at least 30 DKP, bids by other classes will be ignored. In considering recent changes to the game, such as itemization, it is expected that such items will be very rare and the list of these items will be indicated in the forums/DKP pages prior to the item dropping.

On very rare occasions, officers may intervene in the bidding/awarding of loot where it is clear that the outcome is not appropriate or in the interest of the guild.