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RQ Fish Pie

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Gosh its been an age since i wrote one of these but here i go again...

Stolen and messed with unashamedly from a certain Jamie Oliver recipe!

Spring Onions
Smoked Fish (any of the usual suspects, Cod, Haddock)
Your fav Cheddar Cheese/ Parmesan
A little Oil for cooking/ butter
Big packet of baby spinach
Shop bought Filo pastry

Roughly chop spring onions and sweat them off in a little butter/ oil in an oven capable frypan.

Whilst that is cooking, put some boiling water into a flat dish, cut the fish into LARGE squares (2inch by 2 ish, 5cm x 5) and place in water for a couple of mins to "par boil" the fish (removes some of the saltiness), check for bones which you MUST remove.

Once Onions are sweated off, add garlic and fry for another minute.

Grate lots of you fav cheese, i mix in a couple of cheeses, whatever's good hard cheeses in the fridge.

Add Spinach and once spinach has wilted down (maybe 2 more mins).

Remove fish (reserve some the water) and place on top on the bed of onion/spinach and garlic mix evenly around the pan. On top of each fish piece, chuck a good handful (don't be shy) of the Cheese (keep a little back). Also add a small amount of the fishy water, maybe a couple of tablespoons, so not too much. Add pepper to taste.

Now grab the Filo, maybe 4-5 slices and roughly place the filo across the whole top (like a blanket) of the pan in layers. With the 4th or 5th piece break it up and throw it on.

Lastly, drizzle some oil and the rest of the cheese cross the top of the Filo parcel.

Chuck in oven at 200C or 400F till golden brown (around 15-17 mins dependant on oven, but just watch it, once golden brown in around 40-50%, its good).

Super simple and for fish pie lovers really quick by comparison to some recipes!

During the cooking of the onions, add some Dry Vermouth (white)/dry sherry or white wine leftovers, but rem you must cook it out (high heat briefly), can also add Mustard power here or any other quick cook type aromatics.
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