Application - Gdaymate (Magician)

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Application - Gdaymate (Magician)

Post by Gdaymate »

Character Name: Gdaymate Ahzitgahn
Level: 110
Class: Magician
Your Time Zone: AEST (Sydney)
Magelo Link:
AA Count: 25080

Please tell us your previous guild(s) including on other servers: Machin Shin (Xegony), Eastern Coalition (Coirnav TLP).

Why did you leave your previous guild(s)?

Machin Shin (US guild): I retired from raiding with Machin Shin around 2005/2006. Their policy had always been that retired members were members for life, however I logged in around 2015 after a year or so of inactivity to find that I had been deguilded. Policy change, I guess.. I knew I was never going to be able to raid with a US-timezone guild again so I never bothered asking to be re-tagged.

Eastern Coalition (China/HK/Singapore/Aus/NZ guild): I haven't left, but the recent Scars of Velious unlock on Coirnav has really killed my desire to play on that server any more. I had an absolute BLAST for the first 16 weeks (Original / Kunark); groups were easy to find, raiding was heaps of fun, the nostalgia was awesome, then Velious unlocked and bam.. all the things I'd loved about playing a chanter main were pretty much gone (mez, stun, cc, charm..). At level 60 and with no interest in endless faction grinding I've gone from having an amazing time to basically being a raid C2/haste/GRM bot for a few hours 3 times a week. My last raid was on August 30th and the guild leader knows I'm unhappy, so the writing's on the wall there..

How did you hear about Wreckers?

Google! I really didn't expect that there'd be an Aussie guild raiding endgame content on Live - that's freakin' awesome!

Why do you want to join Wreckers?

Before Coirnav, I'd spent the past few years playing EQ alone (3box/3merc) on Xegony. Raiding was a fond memory but it wasn't something I expected to ever be able to do again. Hell, the fact that I was playing US offpeak times on a low population server meant interacting with other people in EQ had pretty much become a thing of the past for me. Then I played on Coirnav, and I was reminded of just how awesome EQ can be. Now, I want to keep raiding. I want to keep grouping. I want to keep doing stuff with PEOPLE! Never in my life did I think there'd be a chance for me to do all of that on Live at this point in time. So yeah, I'm pretty excited to have found you guys!

Tell us about yourself as a player:

After dabbling with Druid/Wiz in the early days I started my Mage in late 2010 and never looked back (379 days playtime clocked on him!). Although I'm sure I'd be a little rusty now, back in my active raiding days with Machin Shin I was their most lethal mage (usually 2nd or 3rd on DPS parse). I'm attentive, responsive, I follow instructions and control my pet like a guy who's been playing a mage for 18 years. I'm serious about the game but I also like to have a joke, a chat and a few laughs with my guildies.

Are you looking to join as a Raider or just grouping with friends (please see Raiders Class openings elsewhere)?:

Primarily as a raider - raid times are perfect for me. I'd also be keen for groups on the weekends and such, if anything's going down. :)

UPDATE 17/9 - I've transferred my 3 toons (mage main + wiz/chanter bots) over from Xegony to Bertox tonight because hey, there's not much point in me staying on Xegony anyway. Wiz/chanter magelos here FYI:

Firetotheface (110 Wiz):
Chantyboos (110 Enc):

I don't box on raids but these two toons will be available for doing other stuff when needed.

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Post by Leidana »

Hi there Gdaymate

Thank you for your application.

Please send a tell in game either to myself, Fnyanna, Soniella, Quiverr, Jarinu or Biliy.

Hope to see you around.

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