2-3 minute Garlic Mushrooms

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2-3 minute Garlic Mushrooms

Post by biliy »

Ok nice 'n easy

1) bag 'o mushrooms, broken up to whatever size you wish, bite size or just slightly bigger is kewl, stalks removed

2) Tupperware (Plastic) box with lid.

Chuck Mushies in, add a splash of olive oil, crush whatever amount of garlic buds in, salt/pepper to taste, microwave for 2 mins, shake box (to stir), finish off for another minute (or to your liking) in Microwave.

Job Done, so easy and quick.

I like keeping a box of em in the fridge and using em with the roasted veggies, curry, etc. Basically anything that you reheat and goes well with Mushrooms.

Also can blend them with some milk for mushroom soup, but thats another story :)
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