Roasted Veggies

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Roasted Veggies

Post by biliy »

This is a leader into another post i will write shortly but pretty much i do this every week or so.

Grab pretty much any Veggy you like, chop into bite sized hunks lob in a pan, drizzle heavily some good oil over the top, season well.

Make sure you dont overload the pan, ie some space around each piece is a good thing, use another raosting dish if you need.

Throw in some whole garlic cloves leaving skin on (protects the insides).

Lob in a hottish oven but trun down after you see some nice caramelisation happening. Each oven is different but it shouldnt take more than an hour or so or even less for Fan Forced.

I keep these in a sealed container in the fridge and use them for all sorts of quick and easy meals. If you want, you can also throw some chilli flakes over the top for some extra bite.

I thought i posted this before so if i have soz for 2nd one!
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Post by Melodionxxx »

Roasted veggies are fab, I use soy sauce a lot. Yummy.
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Post by Nuviana »

Blitz them with some chicken or veg stock and instant soup

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