Joining Wreckers *** READ THIS FIRST ***

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Joining Wreckers *** READ THIS FIRST ***

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Wreckers are an Australian Time Zone based Guild. If you live in the Australasian region or have play times that are around GMT +10 then Wreckers wants you! (the above is mostly in regards to raiding, casual members from all time zones are welcome to apply).

Our primary aim is to provide a balanced casual guild structure with a serious raiding attitude. Raiding in Wreckers is NOT compulsory. However it is worth noting that in order to participate in guild raids you MUST be MAX LEVEL for the current expansion and at least GROUP GEARED from the previous expansion - anyone serious about raiding needing some start up gear should pay attention to guild chat as members often call out surplus items when available.

You may be asked to perform a combat parse before being added into raids.

For more information please refer to THIS THREAD.

Wreckers Raids start at 7.30pm Australian Eastern Time on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays. Raids usually end by 10pm. Check the Wreckers News thread for our kill list.

Wreckers does not condone the use of MacroQuest or similar programs and any member found to be using such will be de-guilded without argument or warning.


If you have read through the information here and you think you have what it takes to be a Wrecker we welcome your application! The first step to joining Wreckers is to sign up for a board account and create a New Topic in this Forum.

*** IMPORTANT - Please note that when creating a board account the ACCOUNT NAME should be the same as your MAIN CHARACTER'S FIRST NAME only. ***

Your application post MUST contain the following (Please COPY and PASTE the GREEN text into your own Application thread) :-


Character Name:
Your Time Zone:
Magelo Link:
AA Count:

Please tell us your previous guild(s) including on other servers:

Why did you leave your previous guild(s)?

How did you hear about Wreckers?

Why do you want to join Wreckers?

Tell us about yourself as a player:

Are you looking to join as a Raider or just grouping with friends? (please see Class Openings for Raiders):


Please remember to check your application thread periodically as more information may be required.


Once you are invited to join Wreckers you are granted full Member access. Wreckers does not promote a probationary period of any kind. You will be given Member access to the Guild Forums and will be able to view your raid attendance and DKP balance here.

The majority of Wreckers members typically live in the high end game however if you are a lower level looking for a good home please review THIS THREAD.

We would like to stress that Wreckers does not enforce a Raiding commitment. Raiding in Wreckers is entirely optional. You will not be discriminated against for choosing not to raid. Should this occur please contact an officer.

Please note that while main changes are considered, your application should be for the toon you wish to raid on and changes will not be considered for the first 6 months at the guild officer/leaders discretion.

Further, please note that any main change requests must be a PM via the boards or an ingame tell followed up by a PM via the boards and not a post.



** Updated 31/12/19 GD **