Application - Lokaris

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Application - Lokaris

Post by Lokaris »

Character Name: Lokaris

I recently returned to EQ to play on the Selo TLP for the 20 year anniversary. Before that I haven't played EQ since OoW was the current expansion and am now addicted and am looking for an Australian guild to play with

I have a heroic token and am going to make a character with a view to levelling and eventually raiding

I have played cleric, necro and SK previously at high level (well high level at the time of OoW and on Selo).

Please tell us your previous guild(s) including on other servers:

Selo - Faceless
previously I was leading a guild called Legends on one of the servers that doesn't exist anymore (honestly can't remember which one) but that was 16 or so years ago.

Why did you leave your previous guild(s)?

Lack of activity in my time zone and my inabilty to raid in their peak times.

How did you hear about Wreckers?

Internet research on Australian EQ raiding guilds

Why do you want to join Wreckers?

I am looking for a group of competent people who play in the same timezone as me to group/raid with

Tell us about yourself as a player:

I play MMO's for the social aspect, I like meeting people, but I also try to be as competent as I can at whatever class/role I am playing. I like to do a lot of research and reading to prepare myself for any encounter.

Are you looking to join as a Raider or just grouping with friends (please see Raiders Class openings elsewhere)?:

Raider, assuming I can play a class you need and I can get to 110 in short order. Otherwhise happy to join to have people to group with.

Happy to answer any questions and to discuss what class/classes to play on Bertox.

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Post by Leidana »

Hi Lokaris,

thank you for your application.

I see you haven't yet chosen the character you wish to play on.

If your preference is to raid and you are still unsure what you wish to play, please note the following classes are high priority for raiding:


Please note that picking another class type will not stop your application to Wreckers.

Please have a chat in game with either myself, Jarinu, Fnyanna, Soniella, Quiverr or Biliy.

Thank you :)
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Post by Lokaris »

Thanks for the prompt response, will look for you tonight.

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