Hot chocolate or coffee.

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Hot chocolate or coffee.

Post by curtis »

Original recipe is for coffee, but works as well with drinking chocolate (too sweet for me, but it's tasty)

Heat some milk in a pan. I dunno how much, count how many drinks you are making, then estimate 3/4 of the drink cup for each. or just make heaps more than you need.

Put a cinamon stick in the milk once it warms a little, also add a small amount of sugar. (really not needed if using drinking chocolate or like me, don't have sweet tooth)

Once milk boils, turn it down to low and add coffee or drinking chocolate.

In each cup/glass pour about 1/4 coconut milk or cream. (glasses are good, you get the mixed layers showing and it creates a wow factor)

Remove the cinamon stick and pour/ladel the milk on top of the coconut cream.

sprinkle some chocolate or coffe on the top.

Trust me, this is really really nice.

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Post by Jarinu »

$$ Curt :)
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Post by Koutarou »

Gained significant wife faction with this last night.
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