fast n easy tandoori

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fast n easy tandoori

Post by Nuviana »

Mix 3 tablespoons tandoori paste with 3 tablepoons greek yoghurt . marinate 4 large chicken thighs least an hr ..pref overnight.

cook on a cake rack over an oven tray in oven 35 mins,, ish

serve with rice and yoghurt dressing.
if u want it to look pretty sprinkle coriander over when serving.

yoghurt dressing - mix cup of greek yoghurt , 1 teaspoon cumin , bout half cup chopped mint leaves and a squeeze of lemon or lime. .

tip also is double up recipe.. and freeze spare chicken..super for pizza, quesadillas or wraps.

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Post by biliy »

Tandoori paste.....

One simple version (For the powder stuffs = always best to get seeds and chuck em in a pan, dry roast for just a few seconds, then grind):

1 inch Ginger, chopped fine
1 inch Garlic, crushed
1 (Tablespoon) Salt
1 Coriander powder
1 Turmeric powder
Pepper to taste
1 Large Tablespoon of Yoghurt
2 Lemon Juice
1 Cumin powder
1 Sweet Paprika powder
1 Cayenne Pepper powder

Mix above, can change quantities in numbers as above = Paste to use in Nuv's method above.

A more complex version, (unashamably nicked from others too many to mention plus my MUM, sozz Ma):

1 Cumin
3/4 - 1, coriander powder
2 cardomom, take seeds out of husk
a few blackpeppercorns, taste
1 Ginger powder
1 Garlic powder
A little Mace
2 Bayleaf, remove stalks
A good pinch Nutmeg
Salt to taste

Grind above together = powder = Garam Masala for recipe below.
Please note everyones Garam Masala is different, it can be added at end of cooking to "brighten" dishes up it is a ubiquitous spice mix. can be made prior and stored or made fresh.

Tandoori paste:

1/2 tsp Paprkia (sweet)
2-3 Large TBL Lemon Juice
Salt to taste
Chilli to taste, dont go nuts, tandoori isnt neccessarily a hot dish
4 tsp Cumin
2 TBL gee or vege oil
Natural Yoghurt, just add enough to get a good consistency, about 2-3 TBL
1 TBL of Garam Masala (as above)

Love to make things from scratch if i possibly can and ma would smak be about the head if i didnt, especially Curries. Sorry Nuv, i guess its not so fast to make up the mix now as per teh subject matter BUT if u make the Garam Masala prior its not so bad.

Hugs Nuv, nice one.
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Post by Nuviana »

agree making from scratch superior for those that have the palate. however at 1am in the morning.. opening a jar..mixing in yoghurt. coating chicken and leaving in fridge is wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy better. /hugs
and the family still loved it.

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Post by Melodionxxx »

Patak's Tandoori Paste is fkn awesome =) I like my Tandoori stuff hot hot, they do it like that in Malaysia. Fiery, zingy and yum.
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