Lamb Cutlets ala B

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Lamb Cutlets ala B

Post by biliy »

Just made this up and loved it.

If you have read my post today re Roased veggies this is the flow on.

I had some frenched Lamb Cutlets that needed to be muched and i know a man-who-can, me :)

I normally love to chuck them on the BBQ but the weather is foul and so i thought how to pan fry.

Get up a good temp, add a tiny bit of oil and butter. Chuck on for no more than a min each side depending on your personal preference.

Take off the heat and rest meat somewhere warm whilst you prep rest.

Using some of the handy roasted Veggies i keep generally in the fridge, pop them in the pan to warm.

Taking some Port, some Jam/Jelly (unseeded, i used cherry in this instance), a little lemon juice and some fresh herbs (i used Mint as i have a massive wild bunch growing right outside my front door).

Chop herbs fine, lob allinto the left over fat/butter mix, turn down the heat to a gentle simmer and reduce to a nice sticky type gravy. Season.

Place Meat on a plate and spoon the Veggies over/to the side, LOVE the roasted garlic as it is just so georgeous done that way.

Drizzle the left over gravy onto you meats and across the veggies.

Twas delicious took around 10 minutes from start to finish, seriously.
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Post by Nuviana »

omg sounds grogeous.

Because i am
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