Application to join Trukal lvl 85 beastlord

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Application to join Trukal lvl 85 beastlord

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Level. - 85
Class. - Beastlord
Timezone - East coast of Australia, Brisbane
Magelo -I don’t have one all my gear is from heroic character as I have just returned to eq.I can do one up if needed.
AA count - 5780

I used to play on Lanys from Kunark till the end of PoP. I can’t really remember all my guilds but I raided with Visions and Fervor.
I quit playing because it was getting to hard to keep up a raid schedule with Americans with work and WoW came out and it was solo friendly.
I heard about Wreckers as I searched the internet for an Aussie guild and would like to join because it is an Aussie guild that would suit my times.
As a player from years ago I definitely played to much I would like to play normally and raid if I am good enough as eq has progressed a lot and I have a lot to relearn.
If you have any more questions I would be happy to answer in game or on here.
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Had already spoken to me in game, is tagged now!
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Welcome mate
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