Application Zawd

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Application Zawd

Post by Zawd »

Character Name: Zawd
Level: 81
Class: Rogue
Your Time Zone: Aus EST
Magelo Link:
AA Count: All the free ones

Please tell us your previous guild(s) including on other servers: Flames of Reverence Agnarr

Why did you leave your previous guild(s)? I'm still in it

How did you hear about Wreckers? Google

Why do you want to join Wreckers? Just too play with people

Tell us about yourself as a player: I started on Agnarr and levelled up a rogue on Bertox i also play on FV and Zek.

Are you looking to join as a Raider or just grouping with friends (please see Raiders Class openings elsewhere)?: Group with friends
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Post by biliy »

Thanks for you App, Rogues are a rare breed indeed.

Speak in game
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