Application Fissefranz

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Application Fissefranz

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Character Name: Fissefranz
Level: 113
Class: Shadowknight
Your Time Zone: GMT+7 - Online time is from 7:00 AM here to 21:00 PM
Magelo Link:
AA Count:27305

Please tell us your previous guild(s) including on other servers: Saviours 20 years ago

Why did you leave your previous guild(s)? I can really not remember it is 20 years ago. But I think it was because of vanguard or everquest 2 or something like that.

How did you hear about Wreckers? Aimedjoe and Aomen

Why do you want to join Wreckers? Timezone & Culture.

Tell us about yourself as a player: I am Casual player running a 7 Box Team. I live in Phuket Thailand. But originates from Denmark. Lived the last 8 years in Asia and gonna stay here. I work from Home. So when I am not being depraved here in Thailand. I work on half the monitors and the other half I game.

Are you looking to join as a Raider or just grouping with friends? (please see Class Openings for Raiders): Mostly just to group with friends. But could be open to join raids in a few months when I have enough Heroic AA on my characters.
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Re: Application Fissefranz

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Hi Fizztfrankx, we can always use another paladin to soak up damage.

in the game say hello to Broozax or Fnyanna or Soniella or iMelody or maybe even me if I can get in there.
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Re: Application Fissefranz

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