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Wreckers Forum Index
Items + Quest + Other Stuff
Allakhazam - Items, beasts and quests.
EQ Traders - Good site for tradeskillers
New Plane of Hate - Guide to the Marsinger Quests. (info on old epics too)
POP Progression - POP Seer Messages explained
More LDON Merchants - You can sort em, slice em or dice em.
Non Official Everquest FAQ (Historical) - Historical - often now wrong FAQ
Raid Loot.COM - ANother site with what drops what
EQ Interface - Interface Mod Site
WTF - EQ Based Comic
Everquest FAQ - Lot of information and links about lots of everquest stuff
Fellowship Effects - Fireplace effects
Cutural Raid Augs Breakdown -
Gambosoft - Home of Gamparse awesome EQ parsing tool.
Jethal Silverwing's EQ parody songs -
Fanras EverQuest Wiki - Graphics and Performance -
Adetia's Tradeskill Emporium - Awesome TS resource for skilling past 300 skill
Griza on Keybinding Video Howto -
Illusion Benefit Information - Lot of interesting information on Illusions benefits.
EQrecipies - Assistant to find Recipies to 350 skill
Isboxer Forums -
Alkabor POP flag engine - Helps you work out where you are stuck on POP flagging.
Ironvines POP Flag engine Mirror - Another POP flag page to help work out where you are stuck
Zliz's EQ Compendium - Slash Commands and other thigns
Brewall's EverQuest Maps - Newer maps maker.
Goods Maps -
Lucy - Spells and Items
Class Specific
Graffe's Wizard Compilation - Wizard Forums and Info
The Beastlord's Den - The definitive work an animal lovers
Druid's Grove -
EQ Outrider - Never enough
EQ Diva Archived History - For those that liked to blow their own horn /morn
Shadow Knight Forums -
Necrotalk - Necro Boards
EQ Clerics - For those that like to..... Heal things
The Safehouse - Rogue boards
Bonn'z Paladin Page - Unicorn riders rejoice
Server Boards
Antonius Bayle -
Erollisi Marr (Morell Thule) -
Prexus (Terris Thule) -
The Seventh Hammer (Lanys T`Vyl) 2 - originally Lanys boards
Xegony (Zebuxoruk) -
Big Kills of Bertoxxulous - Hosted by Omani Winter
Serverwide Progression Pages -
Tholuxe Paells Server Forums -

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